Liability & Insurance

Moving liability coverage can be very technical as well as difficult to understand. Our goal at The Moving Experts is to provide you with the clearest explanation of standard coverage and any additional coverage you might require.

All licensed and insured moving companies must provide each customer with Basic Carrier Liability coverage. The price for Basic Carrier Liability coverage is set by law and it is the minimum coverage that a moving company must provide.

Basic Carrier Liability is free and it is always included in the estimate and offers coverage of $0.60 per pound per article for long distance relocation.

For example, if you own an item worth $400 weighing 100 pounds, a mover would be liable only up to $60 for long-distance moves.

If you wish to purchase additional insurance for your goods you can contact our partner at or you can check with your home owner and rental insurance for the available insurance policies they have available for your move.

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