Moving Overseas

Moving anywhere in the world? Europe, Asia or Africa?

Relocating abroad entails enormous organization and planning. Let the Moving Experts help you with your planning, from the start, till the end. We utilize a worldwide network, with each member having extensive experience with international moving. We do all the work for you. Simply tell us how you want things done and we’ll follow through.

We can provide full door to door service, including pick-up at your origin location, full packing (materials included), loading and shipping of your household goods and personal effects to your new home anywhere in the world. We do our job well, and we do it right, without any extra charges not specified within the contract.

Here are the services that we provide:

  1. Preliminary packing of household goods at residence .
  2. Pick up of goods at residence.
  3. Receiving customer’s goods at our warehouse.
  4. Consolidating all goods at our warehouse.
  5. Export packing into heavy duty wooden lift vans.
  6. Loading goods into steel containers.
  7. Delivery of shipment to steamship line at port of departure.
  8. Preparation of all necessary export documentation
  9. Pre-payment of all ocean and destination freights.
  10. Destination services include: custom clearance, in-house delivery, unpacking of furniture and removal of debris on the day of delivery.

Our prices vary depending on the type of service chosen from the list below:

  1. Door to Port.
  2. Warehouse to Door.
  3. Warehouse to Port.
  4. Door to Door.

Here is the check-list that we ask you to do before your international move in order for you to prepare accordingly:

  1. Begin planning 2-3 months before the moving date
  2. Plan items to be shipped.
  3. Purchase any new items to be shipped.
  4. Make itemized inventory of goods.
  5. Determine value of inventory.
  6. Confirm moving date with your carrier.
  7. Confirm arrival date at destination.
  8. Make storage arrangements, if needed.
  9. Have all documents and valuables with you, including passport, record of inoculations and visa, if necessary.
  10. Invoices for new items.
  11. Agent’s name and address – date of sailing – expected arrival – container number – number of units shipped
  12. Provide list of all purchases made and being delivered to warehouse. Itemize the list of goods being shipped with dollar value for insurance purposes.
  13. Provide contact addresses in destination state so that the shipper can contact you.

Getting An Estimate
The first step in overseas moving is to have an estimator visit your home to make a complete evaluation of your goods. There is no charge for this survey, and, of course, you are under NO OBLIGATION whatsoever. The estimator will examine each room in order to determine the total cubic footage and the shipping method best suited to your particular needs and will provide you with a written estimate of approximate costs to ship. You will need to inform the estimator of what kind of service you will need. Take this chance to ask any questions that you may have about your international move.

Planning Your Move
Deciding on which items you will ship is a difficult task. Make sure you consider all the important factors when planning. If you have a new home or apartment secured, know the size of the rooms, have a floor plan, and know just how your furniture and appliances will fit in the space. Remember that the dimensions of halls, stairways, and elevators in some countries can be considerably smaller than in the United States, and oversized couches and pianos may not fit in.

Items Not To Ship
To avoid any significant financial loss, damage to goods or customs complications, it is not recommended to transport any of the following list:

  1. Valuable Papers
  2. Stamp Collection
  3. Coin Collection
  4. Valuable Jewelry
  5. Pressure Spray Cans.
  6. Flammable Items
  7. Liquid Bleach
  8. Opened Liquid Glass Bottles
  9. Excessive Food Staples.
  10. Fire Arms (license required in some countries)
  11. Broadcast Equipment or Walkie-Talkie (license required in some countries)
  12. New Building Materials
  13. Alcohol (hand luggage only)

Caution: Do not include in your shipment items belonging to others. Customs examinations may reveal importation of duplicate or restricted items resulting in fines, penalties or confiscation.

How To Pack
Preliminary packing of dishes, silver, crystal and other breakables should be left to us, the packing professionals. We can do it better – and in a fraction of the time. However, if you prefer to do your own pre-packing for reasons of convenience and economy, you may very well do so.

The Following Documents Will be Necessary to Expedite Clearance Through Customs:

  1. Valid passport and the passport of your wife or your husband and your children who are dependents, including all previous passports, if any.
  2. Invoices for any new appliances and other purchases
  3. Contract or lease of your apartment.
  4. Fully detailed list of content.
  5. Insurance List
  6. Shipper’s Bill of Lading

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